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Craigslist personals termination

New legislation and closure of personal ads on Craigslist and lead workers to the streets

Sex workers say they are already suffering from the consequences of legislation that is supposed to fight online sex trafficking.

The Congress recently passed a law with bipartisan support that aims to combat online sex trafficking by making websites criminally responsible for the content of users. But some say the Sex Trafficking Act (Fosta) and the Trafficking Prohibition Act (Sesta) will have the opposite effect. Critics say the legislation largely censors online speech, diverts the incomes of consensual sex workers, and helps traffickers get rid of crime by pushing the underground industry.


BackPage Personals Shutdown

Craigslist’s online cousin,, was seized as part of an FBI enforcement action. Visitors to the website now receive an official seal – one we have seen previously in other websites taken over by US authorities.

The second largest online market in the United States, has been criticized in recent years. its “Adult” section, which is a thinly veiled attempt to conceal criminal lists from sex workers, including escorts, strippers and telephone sex workers. If that had stopped there – transactional sex between consenting adults – it is unlikely that would have been closed.

Craigslist has since removed the section. Shortly after the closure in 2010, most activities moved to another of its sections, Casual Encounters. Men and women could facilitate transactional encounters or find volunteer participants, from streaming to sex work and orgies.

Casual Encounters has also been removed. But hold the applause. The closure was not so much a conscientious decision to do what is right, as a forced action by Congress because of the Fighting Act of 1865 – Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act

DoubleList: how does it work

The process is simple: by joining the best casual dating site, you can start browsing all available profiles to find chemistry with one of them. Start an instant search to find the contact of your dreams, start a conversation with a compatible partner, meet new people, find someone special with whom you are a compatible, respond to naughty messages and attract other users, these are the fastest ways to find a sexual and ephemeral encounter.

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It is totally free to create an occasional dating profile and you will have different options to subscribe. This is always what we advise all users to really take advantage of all options and increase even more your success rate and your number of meetings a night. As with most of the most popular casual dating sites, if you want to make the most of all its features, you will need a premium subscription.

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Reliability and security

Although DoubleList has all the security features of most dating sites in the US and Canada, it offers a very interesting security approach, as users can customize their preferences for setting up security settings and customer service. and developers have a strong interest in the privacy of users and the secrecy of their information.
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